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What's the difference between Ixcela Assess and the Ixcela Internal Fitness Program?

Choose the right plan for your goals.

Ixcela Assess is a one-time test with a full Internal Fitness™ report. This may be helpful for people who are curious to see their gut health scores and determine if their current lifestyle supports their health goals.

Ixcela Internal Fitness Program is a 90 day program with two full Internal Fitness™ reports, one baseline Ixcela Internal Fitness™ test, and a retest sent three months later. The program also includes 90 days of all Ixcela supplements based on your results; personalized nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness recommendations based on your metabolite levels; as well as a personalized 90-day macronutrient plan and 90-day fitness plan. Ixcela Internal Fitness Program members also enjoy full access to the gut-healthy recipe library, exercise library, and mindfulness library. The Ixcela Internal Fitness Program is excellent for people wanting to make good health a priority and create a sustainable lifestyle. 

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