How do I return an International Sample?

Here are a couple of tips on shipping back your dried blood spot sample:

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for two-day return shipping to ensure their sample reaches the Ixcela lab within the testing timeframe.

Please return the sample via the courier of your choice to the following address:

Ixcela, Inc.

135 South Rd

Bedford, MA 01730


  • The sample must arrive within 7 days of collection, so we advise choosing an express shipping option.
  • We recommend using DHL for the return shipping. 
  • We advise that you place the device and padded envelope inside a larger envelope to ensure the sample is not lost as it travels through the postal or courier system.
  • When completing customs forms, we advise that you write Dried Blood Spot on the form.  Dried blood spots are an “Exempt Human Specimen” and are approved for international shipping.

    If you have any questions about the test kit or returning your sample, please email us at