How does the Ixcela program work?

The Ixcela Program: Step-by-Step

  1. First, choose the Ixcela plan that works best for you (Ixcela Kickstart Assessment. Ixcela Complete Program Package or  Personalized Accountability Program with Dedicated Dietitian Support). 
  2. Your Ixcela kit will be shipped directly to your home within three days. Just do the pin-prick blood test and send back the sample in the FedEx Package. Be sure to fill out your online profile and health questionnaire.
  3. Ixcela will process your sample at their labs in Bedford, Massachusetts. You'll receive an email notification in 3–4 weeks when your results are ready to review. Just log into your Ixcela account to view your results, internal health recommendations, as well as your personalized eating and fitness plans.
  4. If you subscribed to the Ixcela Complete Program or Ixcela Personalized Accountability Program you would automatically receive Ixcela supplements to your home (at no additional cost). We only send targeted Ixcela supplements that directly support your gut health profile.
  5. If you subscribed to the Complete Program or Personalized Accountability Program, you would automatically receive a new Ixcela kit 3 months after your results are posted to retest your gut microbiome and track progress. All personalized plans, recommendations, and supplements will be updated based on your latest test results.