How does the test work?

Learn more about the process behind the Ixcela Internal Fitness™ test.

Ixcela’s innovative technology was developed to use just a small drop of blood on a piece of special filter paper to measure a critical subset of metabolites. The process:

  1. Using an Ixcela Internal Fitness™ Test kit, a small drop of blood from a finger stick is placed on a filter paper pad.
  2. The kit is closed and the blood is rapidly dried to stabilize critical compounds.
  3. On receipt, the exact amount of blood is determined using proprietary Ixcela technology.
  4. Key metabolites of interest are extracted from the blood on the filter paper.
  5. The metabolites are analyzed using a liquid chromatography (LC) technique employing Electrochemical Array Detection (ECA) originally invented by Dr. Wayne Matson, which he modified for the Ixcela test for greater sensitivity (low picogram range).
  6. A report is generated from the analysis of the key metabolites and evaluated against what is considered to be normal, healthy ranges.

Our approach is focused on restoring “Internal Health” using a sophisticated yet simple at-home test that identifies imbalances in key molecules associated with the gut microbiome. These compounds play an important role in many aspects of health, including Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, Energetic Efficiency, and Immuno Fitness.

Ixcela also provides individualized therapies that can restore these molecules to their proper levels through a personalized program of dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as proprietary supplements targeted at improving gut microbiome health.