How is a blood test different than a stool test?

Stool sample tests tell you the type of bacteria in the gut, while Ixcela measures the ability of these species to produce small molecules required for good health.

Traditional stool sample tests can be complicated, messy, and awkward to collect, and they only give you part of the picture of your internal health.

One challenge with traditional stool sample testing has to do with the sample itself. According to a number of health experts, stool samples using a “scoop” method to test gut microbiome are not consistent due to sampling variability. One small bit of the sample is not necessarily reflective of the entire sample. To ensure accuracy, it will require more stool material.

But even if you were to test more material, you are still only receiving part of the picture. Stool samples tell you what type of bacteria are living in your gut (or, more accurately, what type of bacteria exited your body in your stool). This information may be interesting, but wouldn’t it be more helpful to know whether those bacteria are functioning correctly and providing the body with the building blocks necessary to stay healthy?

Rather than providing information about what species of bacteria reside in the gut (or the stool), Ixcela measures the ability of these species to produce the small molecules required for good health by using a small drop of blood.

Our approach focuses on your internal health using a sophisticated yet simple at-home test that identifies imbalances in key molecules associated with the gut microbiome. These compounds play an important role in many aspects of health. The Ixcela gut microbiome results focus on five areas of health: Gastrointestinal Fitness, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, Energetic Efficiency, and Immuno Fitness.

In addition to your gut microbiome results, Ixcela also provides individualized recommendations to help restore these molecules to their proper levels through personalized mindfulness, fitness, supplements, and eating plans. Check out a sample Ixcela report to see for yourself.